Yin yoga is becoming increasingly popular, with a growing awareness that our often over-dominant, active, yang lifestyles need the balance of the more restful, deeper and slower practise of yin yoga. ThisĀ further training course will give you the knowledge and skills to bring yin yoga to your students. It is open to all qualified yoga teachers and is also an additional optional module for those completing Amy's 280hr foundation yoga teacher training and wish to bring their accreditation to 300hr.

Non-yoga teachers looking to deepen their own personal practise and understanding of yin yoga are also welcome to complete the course, but you are only able to teach yin yoga to others if you are already a qualified yoga teacher.

Course content

  • History of yin yoga, the breaking free of sanskrit!
  • Understanding fascia and what really happens when we "stretch".
  • The essence of yin energy in the body, the nervous system and creating eustress.
  • The principles of yin yoga, the yin-side of life!
  • The key yin postures, their anatomy, modifications and contra-indications, including adaptation for pregnancy.
  • The use of props and turning down the volume on sensations.
  • Yin yoga classes with Amy (live and pre-recorded).
  • The art of teaching yin yoga.
  • Creating effective yin yoga sequences and thematic planning.

Course delivery

The course is largely self-paced study, with opportunity to attend via zoom Amy's weekly yin yoga class. You can start this course anytime and complete it at your own pace. Amy is available to support and interact with you as you progress through the course and beyond.

Course content includes

  • Self-paced training videos, with on-going access after course completion (12 hours)
  • Opportunity to observe and participate in Amy's yin yoga class, you have 4 months access to Amy's Tuesday 7.15pm-8.15pm yin yoga class, taught via zoom (4 hours+)
  • Recordings of yin yoga classes with Amy (4 hours)
  • Self-study and reading (2 hours)
  • Tutor interaction, Amy is available via email ([email protected]) to answer any questions you have whilst you study and beyond.
  • Opportunity to join Amy's yoga teacher community for on-going support and guidance.

After completion of this course you will have on-going life-time access to all content and will be awarded 20 hours of further training (CPD)

Optional practical teaching assessment

For yoga teachers looking for supportive, constructive feedback on their teaching of yin yoga, you are invited to submit a recording of you teaching either full or part of a yin yoga class. Amy will watch this and send you recorded video feedback. This is an invitational offer and not a requisite to complete the course. Allowing someone to observe you teach and give feedback can seem daunting, but can be hugely beneficial to improving the quality of your teaching.