Amy specialises in high quality, largely self-paced online training courses, with excellent tutor interaction and support, allowing for flexibility and accessibility, whilst achieving outstanding outcomes. This 4 course bundle includes the following further training workshops.

  1. The pelvis, posture & the pelvic floor (3 hours)
  2. The grey areas when teaching pregnancy yoga, the dos, the don'ts and the maybes (3 hours)
  3. Teaching yoga postnatally safely & effectively (3 hours)
  4. The business of teaching pre & postnatal yoga - only available as part of this 4 course bundle! (1 hour)

Course delivery:

This Yoga Alliance Professionals further training course is self-paced online training, with tutor interaction, you can start this course anytime and complete it at your own pace. Amy is available to support and interact with you as you progress through the course and beyond. After completion of this course you will have on-going access to all content and will be awarded 10 hours of further training (CPD) with YAP UK.

Course content includes:

  • Self-paced training videos, with on-going access after course completion (7 hours)
  • Recordings of pregnancy and postnatal yoga classes with Amy (3 hours)
  • Tutor interaction, Amy is available via email ([email protected]) to answer any questions you have whilst you study and beyond.
  • Opportunity to join Amy's yoga teacher community for on-going support and mentoring.

Complete course curriculum

Worksop 1: The Pelvis, posture and the pelvic floor (3 hours)

Exploring the pelvis:

  • Feeling and knowing the pelvic bones.
  • Pelvic centric movements - shimmy!
  • The balancing system of the head, pelvis and feet.

Finding a balanced posture:

  • The relationship of the pelvis and posture.
  • The relationship of the feet to the pelvis, posture and pelvic floor.
  • Understanding influences on posture and how to return to balance (no good or bad posture!)

The pelvic floor

  • To squeeze or not to squeeze?
  • Effective engagement of the pelvic floor.
  • Integrating pelvic floor awareness and engagement into movement.

Workshop 2: The grey areas teaching pregnancy yoga, the dos, the don't and the maybes! (3 hours)

Pregnancy is full of dos and don'ts, yet who knows her body and her baby the best, she does, our role as yoga teachers is to simply empower this!

  • Yoga in the first trimester, to practise or not?
  • What is the current advice around supine lying and why?
  • Guidance for breath work and pranayama.
  • Asanas to do or not to do, including adho mukha svanasana, baddha konasana, twists, squats, inversions and back bends?!
  • Understanding the impact of pregnancy on the pelvis, core and posture. Are we creating conditions to exacerbate postnatal conditions such as diastasis recti?
  • Teaching the pregnant experienced yogi.

Workshop 3: Teaching yoga postnatally safely and effectively (3 hours)

  • Understanding the body postnatally.
  • The impact of breastfeeding on a yoga practise.
  • Postnatal rehab for diastasis recti.
  • Postnatal rehab for pelvic floor issues, including prolapse.
  • Support for other common postpartum conditions.

Workshop 4: The business of teaching pregnancy and postnatal yoga, only available as part of this training (1 hour)

  • Creating a mindset of service and communities for mums and mums to be.
  • When and where to teach pregnancy and mum & baby yoga classes.
  • What to charge and how to charge it.
  • Options for online offerings.
  • Simple, but effective on-going marketing (that's not all social media!)
Pelvic Girdle Pain in Pregnancy

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Further training for pregnancy & postnatal yoga teachers

Yoga Alliance professionals accredited course (10hrs CPD)

Meet Amy!

Amy is a Yoga Alliance Professionals senior teacher and trainer-pro. She is an experienced pregnancy and postnatal yoga teacher and teacher trainer, and loves sharing her knowledge and experience with others.

YAP further training accredited course

This further training course is accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals UK and is worth 10 hours of CPD/further training.