Postnatal yoga with small pilates balls and other balls!

The blue pilates balls are so effective postnatally, they allow her to re-discover her posture, fire up muscles of the legs, and work into the pf and 'core', without you having to really give too many verbal cues or her to have to think too much. All very important teaching points when teaching a sleep deprived woman heavily distracted by her baby. The massage balls are a firm favourite in mum & baby yoga, we pretty much has a roll against a ball at a wall weekly.


1) If you don't have one already purchase a 9inch pilates ball, incorporate them into your practise, in tadasana, plank and setu bandha. Have a play, where else could they be useful, I love to sit on one instead of a block.

2) Look at pictures of all the way of use the pilates ball.

3) Watch and practise both videos, enjoy the massage!

Using 9in pilates balls suggestions for a class

More balls please - massage massage massge!

Using pilates balls mum & baby yoga.pdf